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Infrared Roof Imaging Services

Optics Diagnostic Solutions employs infrared roof scanning, a state-of-the-art technology to assess low slope roofs. By using an infrared camera, our skilled technicians capture images that reveal temperature differences in the underlying insulation. This helps us identify moisture issues and insulation problems, allowing for proactive maintenance and repairs. Trust Optics Diagnostic Solutions for efficient and reliable roof protection through advanced technology and expert analysis.

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Infrared Inspection Services, Performed By Licensed Thermographers



When it comes to infrared roof scanning, having licensed thermographers on board is of utmost importance. Licensed thermographers bring a wealth of expertise and certification to the table, ensuring accurate and reliable results for your roof assessment. Their specialized knowledge of infrared technology, coupled with extensive training, allows them to interpret thermal patterns with precision. By distinguishing between normal temperature variations and potential issues like moisture infiltration or insulation degradation, licensed thermographers provide you with trustworthy assessments.



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